EXINDA is a subsidiary of XINDA Group, which is a professional manufacturer founded in 2012 and rooted in the field of heating solutions for a decade.

As one of the leading heat pump suppliers in China, EXINDA specializes in green clean energy and manufactures several different types of air to water heat pumps, including Air Source DC Inverter Heat Pumps, Commercial Air to Water Heat Pumps, Swimming Pool Heat Pumps.

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Most of our heat pumps have upgraded to utilize R290 refrigerant, which is exceptionally eco-friendly at the lowest GWP of only 3, contributing to the global goal of carbon neutrality. Whereas, it still has drawbacks such as flammable and explosive. Thus, the fill-up volume of R290 refrigerant limitation should be as lower as possible because of the safety consideration.

EXINDA is devoted to reducing the volume of propane gas to 150g to ensure the R290 air to water heat pump to be used in a safe way for consumers and installers. At the same time, the defrosting technology will be enhanced to a new level to achieve higher COP, and more efficiency.

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Exinda Climate Solutions

Heating & Cooling, Hot Water

The R290 air source heat pump is a highly efficient and eco-friendly solution, widely adopted for heating, cooling, and hot water supply.

With an operating range of -25°C to 43°C and a COP typically between 4.0 to 5.0, it is ideal for residential heating and cooling, as well as providing hot water at up to 55°C with efficiency over 3.5.

This R290 heat pump is particularly popular in Europe (Germany, Sweden, UK), North America (Canada, USA), and Asia-Pacific regions (China, Japan) due to its energy efficiency, environmental benefits, and adaptability to different climates.




High-Tech Heat Pump Systems

Revolutionary Features

Air source heat pumps bring numerous advantages that position them as an ideal choice to replace traditional boilers and fossil fuel-based heating systems.

Air Source Heat Pump high energy efficiency, year-round comfort, environmental friendliness, and economic benefits make heat pump systems increasingly prominent in the energy industry and an essential component of sustainable development.

Smart Control Systems

Users are also able to remotely set water temperature and room temperature, change settings and check running status via mobile phone.

Intelligent Defrost Mode

Once it detects frost, the Intelligent Defrost Mode automatically triggers a defrost cycle, aiming to eliminate or minimize the impact of frost or ice on the heat pump during cold weather.

Low Noise Mode

The sound pressure of Storm Series Air to Water Heat Pump is kept to as low as 55dB(A) at 2.1 meter distance (Min. Flow). It can be installed right next to a neighbor’s fence without causing problems.

User-Friendly Installation

User-Friendly Installation follows local methods and standards, utilizing components from the local market, and ensuring compliance with building codes, safety requirements, and piping specifications.

DC Inverter Technology

DC Inverter Technology in heat pumps utilizes variable speed compressors and precise control for energy efficiency. It achieves higher COP, efficient heating/cooling, and hot water even in extreme cold, resulting in significant energy cost savings.

Higher Energy Efficiency & Wider Running Range

In EXINDA laboratory tests, R290 Heat Pump excels in heating, cooling, and energy efficiency, delivering cost savings. It operates efficiently in extreme temperatures, ensuring optimal comfort and performance. Enjoy reliable performance year-round, regardless of weather conditions.

Component And Dedicated Structurer

By incorporating high-quality components and dedicated structures, EXINDA ensure the exceptional performance and reliability of our heat pumps. Our unwavering commitment to using top-tier components guarantees efficient operation, long-lasting durability, and utmost customer satisfaction.

Self-Developed “Smart Brain”

Selfed develop smart logic with upgrate floating electric price system connect with local energy management system (EMS), with SG ready, RS485, RTU modbus.., or provide customer tailor logic solution.

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