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What is Inverter Technology

What is Inverter Technology - EXINDA

How Does Inverter Technology Achieve Energy Saving?

When speaking of energy saving, what are we really talking about?

Based on the understanding of the law of conservation of energy, we will then discuss how to achieve less input but more output. Heat pumps with inverter technology give us a further illustration about this way of energy saving. The followings will demonstrate how EXINDA heat pumps save energy with intelligent inverter technology.

Firstly, understand how heat pumps perform the energy conversion.The heat pumps absorb the energy form air or ground and transfer the energy by compressor through refrigerant like R410A,R32,R290. Finally the energy output to air / water

 (note: Here we talk about the air source heat pump).

If the air is hot, the heat pump abort many energy which transfer the energy very faster to water or air ( there is air to air heat pump/ air to water heat pump), heat up the water by storage water tank.

Since air source is free of charge :), if the ambient air is hot, the heat pump absorb the hot air very quick, so it could heat up the water fast. If the ambient air is cold, the heat pump take less hot energy from air, it will slow down the heat transfer from air to water, in this situation, the heat pump need more energy consumption.

For example, when outdoor temperature in 20°, the heat pump take 1 hours to heat up 200L water to 60° hot water by power consumption 1KW/per hours.  Total need 1kW power consumption.

When outdoor temperature in 0°, the heat pump take 3 hours to heat up 200L water to 60° hot water by power consumption 2.8kW/per hours, total need 8.4kW power consumption

Note: about the data just for reference show how difference ambient temperature influence the power energy needed.


Now we come back to inverter technology.  

How heat pump work with inverter ? the inverter technology decide as much energy as it needs base on difference ambient and hot water request.

The heat pump software logic like a smart brain in this system, it drive the inverter to achieved energy need, the variable speed system maintains consistent comfort levels, regardless of outdoor conditions, by using the proper amount of energy needed.


For example, using inverter technology, when outdoor temperature in 20°, the heat pump logic using Ai calculation, and instructing  the inverter slow down the speed by using 30% of it’s part load, the standard highest speed in 90Hz,over 90Hz, the heat pump  service life is less.  By now using 30Hz means previous it was using 90hz (take example only ) means 2kW/per hours, now is only 0.6kW/per hours, at the same time smart brain decide to heat up the water even bit later by 20% part load, because now was 24:00, but after 2hours later at 2:00, the electric price are even lower, then using lower price energy heat heat up the hot water by slow speed which using less energy consumption.

When you wake up at 6AM, your hot water is ready, it just take very few energy input but you got what you need :) 

This is what we said inverter technology, it is not operated at constant speed like always 90Hz, it did heat up water very quick but at the same it takes large energy consumption. If you using the the fluctuating operating speeds when you needs, by maximizing lower speed operation while maintaining consistent temperature inside your home.


Compared with fixed speed systems, inverters have a much wider capacity range which helps to achieve faster heating and cooling. The system ramps up and down slowly due to the variable speed compressor, saving you on energy costs. 


Now understand how inverter work with smart brain in the heat pump system to help energy saving ambition achieved.

So don’t forget inverter is important but smart brain( the software logic ) also important, the brain decide when you start the heat and what speed you need it.

The more we do today, the more green earth tomorrow.


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