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Heating Capacity Related to House and Weather Condition

Heating Capacity Related to House and Weather Condition - EXINDA

Recently we received the instruction consulted company questions about will air source heat pump could work well at old house without good insulating.

The heat pump can use in old houses, but heat loss is more so the heating capacity needs more.

The heating capacity needed depends on the house condition and weather condition.

Here we talk about the weather condition related to 70% average winter temperature.

For example. Good insulating house VS Poor insulating old house.
Note:good insulating house base on with insulating glass, wall insulating material 50-80cm thickness

Condition: base on same ambient temperature in winter with -5℃


Heat loss

Poor insulating house


Good insulating house



Condition: base on same ambient temperature in winter with 0℃


Heat loss

Poor insulating house


Good insulating house



Here we could brief understand the lower ambient temperature, the heat loss more 30%+. The poor insulating house heat loss 30%+ more than good insulating house. 

Take a 120m² house size an example to see the difference of heat pump heating capacity need.

In this way, the good insulating house suggested go with EXINDA XDSH09C3 max capacity 9.5KW base on A7/W35 R290 air to water heat pump. While old house without good insulating the better choose EXINDA XDSH12C-L 12KW max heating capacity base A7/W35.

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