R290 Monoblock Heat Pump 6KW/9KW/12KW/15KW/20KW for heating, cooling, and domestic water

R290 Monoblock Heat Pump Customized Solution for Heating, Cooling, and Domestic Hot Water

The R290 Monoblock Heat Pump is a highly efficient, multi-functional heating system designed to meet the modern demands of heating, cooling, and providing domestic hot water for both residential and commercial buildings. Available in various capacities - 6KW, 9KW, 12KW, 15KW, and 20KW, it caters to a range of building sizes. Suitable for use in countries with European installation standards, including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, etc.

Low Noise Mode: Operates with a low noise mode, maintaining sound levels below 38dB for ultra-quiet operation, perfect for residential areas and ensuring undisturbed sleep at night.

DC Inverter Technology: Utilizes advanced DC Inverter Technology to enhance efficiency, leading to lower electricity costs for users.

Multiple Power Options: Available in 6KW, 9KW, 12KW, 15KW, and 20KW, catering to different residential and commercial spaces.

Customised Design: Offers not only tailored design options, such as logo, exterior, and water pump customization, but also comprehensive technical support to meet diverse client needs effectively.

Certification: CE, KeymarkERP, MCS, UL AHRI 550/590 Certification



Parameter der Luft-Wasser-Wärmepumpe der EXINDA Storm-Serie R290
Stromversorgung V/ph/Hz 220-240/1/50 380-415/3/50 380-415/3/50

Minimal Maximal. Heizleistung(1)

KW 6,94~11,79 7,98~16,31 11.21~22.32

EI.Heizleistungsaufnahme Min./Max(1)

W 1465~3095 1620~4219 2234~5818
COP Min./Max(1) W/W 3,81~4,74 3,87~4,92 3,84~5,02

Minimal Maximal. Heizleistung(2)

KW 6.10~11.43 7.41~15.22 10,40~20,84

EI.Heizleistungsaufnahme Min./Max(2)

W 1694~3586 1982~4812 2733~6584
COP Min./Max(2) W/W 3,19~3,60 3,16~3,74 3,17~3,81

Minimal Maximal. Kühlleistung(3)

KW 4,40~9,89 6,81~12,20 9,39~16,72

EI.Kühlleistungsaufnahme Min./Max(3)

W 1185~3003 1551~3741 2139~5159
EER Min./Max.(3) W/W 3,29~3,71 3,26~4,39 3,24~4,39

Minimal Maximal. Kühlleistung(4)

KW 2,79~7,05 4,80~9,87 6,52~13,71

EI.Kühlleistungsaufnahme Min./Max(4)

W 1194~2791 1558~3584 2149~4943
EER Min./Max.(4) W/W 2,33~2,53 2,75~3,08 2,77~3,03
Energieklasse (35℃ SCOP) /
A+++ A+++ A+++
Energieklasse (55℃ SCOP)
A++ A++ A++
Bearbeitbarer Umgebungstemperaturbereich
Max. Vorlauftemp. im Heizmodus
Mindest. Vorlauftemp. im Heizmodus
Mindest. Vorlauftemp. im Kühlmodus
Kältemittel Typ/Menge R290/0,9 kg R290/1,2 kg R290/1,4 kg
Wasserverbindung Zoll G 1 G 1 G 1-1/4
Geräuschpegel (innen/außen) dB(A) 42/52 42/52 42/58
Abmessungen des Außengeräts (L/B/H) mm 1200×550×855 1250×550×1420 1252×550×1420
Nettogewicht kg 75 97 112
(1) Heizbedingungen: Wassereinlass-/-auslasstemperatur: 30℃/35℃, Umgebungstemperatur: DB 7℃/WB 6C;
(2) Heizbedingungen: Wassereinlass-/-auslasstemperatur: 40℃/45℃, Umgebungstemperatur: DB 7℃/WB 6℃;
(3) Kühlbedingungen: Wassereinlass-/-auslasstemperatur: 23℃/18℃, Umgebungstemperatur: DB 35℃/WB 24℃;
(4) Kühlbedingungen: Wassereinlass-/-auslasstemperatur: 12℃/7℃, Umgebungstemperatur: DB 35℃/WB 24℃;

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