Exinda's Heat Recovery Ventilator units are equipped with high performance enthalpy heat exchanger that enables higher percentage values of temperature recovery, both in summer and winter.


Cross-flow exchanger provides also moisture recovery between air supplied to the room and exhaust air, supporting thereby further increase of occupants comfort. The heat exchange materials are mildew resistance and fire retardance.


  • Easy installtion: The slim design ensures straightforward installation in ceiling spaces and easy transport through doorways and hallways.
  • Wireless Access Control System: Manage Breeze units using a device app, eliminating the need for direct unit access and simplifying installation.
  • Energy-Efficient with Low Operational Costs: Equipped with counterflow heat exchangers, Exinda Breeze units ensure optimal energy efficiency and minimized operational expenses.
  • Space-Saving Breeze Units: Given the high demand for floorspace, our ceiling units offer an economical and compact solution for optimal indoor comfort. Suitable for 300 to 1,500 square meters, these units are easily selectable on our site and come in various sizes.


Easy Installation

Compact design achieves high air volume, with specialized access doors for system management and fan upkeep. With its ceiling-mounted configuration and side ports, it occupies very little space.


Easy Maintenance

Simplified Filter Maintenance in Exinda Breeze Series

Side accessibility for filter servicing.

Recommended bi-annual filter replacement.

Built-in filter monitoring alerts for timely changes, preventing elevated operational costs.

Optional pre-filters available for enhanced filtration or secondary filter protection. 

Pre-installed filter rails enable easy panel filter accessory integration.