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EXINDA Group Attends AHR Expo in the United States

EXINDA Group Attends AHR Expo in the United States

EXINDA GROUP Team in AHR ExpoFrom January 22nd to 24th, 2024, the AHR Expo, an American Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Exhibition, was held in Chicago, United States.

The AHR Expo 2024 was held at McCormick Place in Chicago. This global event in the heating & cooling, heat and recovery ventilators, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry gathered over 1600 exhibitors.

The AHR Expo, a pivotal event in the HVACR industry, was held at McCormick Place in Chicago. This global gathering featured over 1600 exhibitors, highlighting the strong presence of more than 150 leading Chinese companies including Midea, Gree, Meizhi, and Hisense.

The AHR Expo in the United States stands as the industry's most international and largest event, offering more opportunities for suppliers and exhibitors.

It is an excellent platform for businesses to expand into international markets and promote their brands. Renowned manufacturers, contractors, and facility operators from around the world came together at the expo, sharing the latest industry information and trends.Heat and Recovery VentilatorsEXINDA independently designed products, including the R290 Air To Water Heat Pump, Heat and Recovery Ventilators, and Residential & Industrial Heaters, which made our debut on the international stage.

At the exhibition, our products such as the R290 Air source heat pump, Heat and Recovery Ventilators, and industrial heaters garnered attention from overseas customers. Additionally, EXINDA offers customers comprehensive HVAC and heating system solutions and meets their customized service needs.

Our product manager for the heat pump project says that we always focus on what consumers need.

EXINDA designs ASHP that is good for the environment, works well, and is quiet, meeting our users' daily needs. 

EXINDA Teams will use customer feedback to help us develop and improve our products. We also maintain a commitment to localized management, integrating local cultural and economic characteristics to stay attuned to market dynamics.

We're constantly enhancing our technical support and improving our pre-sales and post-sales service capabilities.

Following the conclusion of the AHR Expo in Chicago, USA, our staff members are set to participate in major international heating and refrigeration trade shows, including the MCE Exhibition in Milan, Italy, in March, and the SHK+ ENSSEN Exhibition in Germany. 

These events represent further steps in our endeavor to expand into the international market.


Exinda Group, a subsidiary of Xinda Group, is one of the best heat pump manufacturers and suppliers based in China. Founded in 2012, Exinda specializes in green clean energy solutions and has been rooted in the heating solutions field for a decade.

Exinda Group's product series includes:

  • Air Source DC Inverter Heat Pumps
  • Commercial Air to Water Heat Pumps
  • Swimming Pool Heat Pumps
  • R290 Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Customized Products and Solutions


Exinda's approach to business includes comprehensive support for wholesalers and distributors, emphasizing strong after-sales service, OEM / ODM partnerships, and potential exclusive distributor rights.

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