Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

Energy Recovery: Our Energy Recovery Ventilator system recovers and transfers energy from exhaust air to fresh air, maintaining a comfortable temperature and reducing heating/cooling costs.

Space-Saving Design: Energy Recovery Ventilator system fits seamlessly into tight spaces, ideal for apartments and small offices, without compromising performance.

Air Filtration: Equipped with H13 efficient filters, our Energy Recovery Ventilator removes dust, pollen, mold spores, and VOCs, ensuring clean and healthy air.

Balanced Ventilation: Our Energy Recovery Ventilator simultaneously extracts stale air and supplies fresh air, promoting optimal air circulation and preventing pressure differences.

Smart Control: Easily adjust settings, monitor air quality, and schedule operation times with our intuitive control panel.

Quiet Operation: Our ERV system operates silently, providing a peaceful living or working environment.

Versatile Installation: Suitable for residential, commercial, and educational settings, our ERV system can be integrated into existing HVAC systems or used as a standalone solution.


Exinda ventilation system

Super Quiet

With Exinda upgrared noise reduction technology, and professional air channel design and high quality components to make sure silence operation.


Quality assurance 

Exinda excels in product testing and performance with our owner Enthalpy Difference Laboratory and Noise Chamber Advantage.Our rigorous testing ensures product reliability and consistency, while our Noise Chamber ensures operation at whisper-quiet levels. Exinda's units promise swift and reliable operation.


Rely on Exinda for high-performing, low-noise, and dependable solutions.

Exinda energy recovery ventilator quite testing


Fresh Air Filtration System 

As a standard, Exinda ERV/HRV units are equipped with the filtration system, based on a set of G4 pre-filters installed on the air inlet and outlet. Additionally, in order to obtain high air quality in a room, a whole range of high efficiency filters is available, starting from F5 up to H13 filter. Choice of the filtration class makes it possible to adapt functionality of the heat recovery unit to the customer needs.

Exinda energy recovery fresh air filtration system


Simulation technology 

Simulation testing is primarily aimed at product performance evaluation, airflow analysis, energy efficiency assessment, and fault simulation and reliability evaluation. In order to develop reliable products, Exinda conducts simulation testing throughout the entire process of each product.

Simulation technology



Prioritized Energy Efficiency

Efficient performance and minimal noise are core to our design philosophy.

Offers low SFP and optimal duct system pressure.Provides energy-efficient fan operations and low operational costs.Features 30 mm insulated casings and 50 mm insulated hatches for sound reduction, ensuring a quiet environment.Utilizes heat exchangers with efficient heat recovery and low pressure drops. Employs high-efficiency EC fans with reduced energy use.Guarantees superior indoor air quality with effective filtration.


Intelligent Control System

EXINDA intelligent control system, it can effectively improve indoor air quality, increase indoor oxygen content, and at the same time greatly reduce the power load of indoor air conditioning equipment, with high efficiency and energy saving.

·Full touch screen
·Multiple working modes
·Real time monitoring of indoor ambience
·Timer setting


High efficiency and energy saving

In the pursuit of keeping our houes insulated and energy efficient, Exinda HRV/ERV ventilators remove molds, bacteria, fungus, VOCs, allergens, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in a sealed indoor environment.


Exinda ERV/HRV ventilators remove the indoor polluted air with ease and provide a constant supply of clean filtered air, allowing you and your family to live in an healthy indoor environment.


The heat from the exhaust air is transferred to the incoming air via a heat exchanger. The heat recovery efficiency is up to 85%. The ERV saves energy up to 60% compared to natural ventilation.


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