Our experienced engineering team provides good support for any questions concerning the products and installation before, during and after products are sold. 


 Before Sellig

  • Set up customers file and arrange professional sales engineers to introduce company products and services to customers in details.
  • If customers are interested in our products, we will send professional technicians to survey the installation environment.
  • Provide solutions according to different customers' requirements.


During Selling

  • Machine installed and tested by QA engineers.
  • Ensure all the products we provide are qualified and new. The working life of the main engine is 15 years.
  • Construct and install the heat pump according to national relevant policies strictly and ensure high quality delivery on time.
  • Test and debug the equipments strictly to ensure the safety and stability.
  • During the delivery, provide comprehensive and professional technical training on instructions and maintenance to customers.


After Selling

  • We promise to offer free consulting email  info@exindagroup.com.
  • EXINDA offers standard 24-month warranty. Customers can choose to extend the warranty to 5 years with a small amount of fee. Within the warranty period since the delivery date, if the product has any failure under normal usage, EXINDA will provide free assembly parts. 
  • After the expiration of the warranty period, we will continue to provide lifelong maintenance services, with just a small amount of charges.