Indulge in consistent comfort with Exinda’s Wave Series comprehensive range of heating systems.Break free from weather constraints and enjoy your pool and spa whenever you wish. Our heat pump offer year-round optimal water temperatures.Trust Exinda for top-tier backyard heating solutions.

Environment friendly
Exinda Heat Pumps are an environmentally friendly option to heat your pool. Operating on a similar principle to your refrigerator or air conditioner, Heat Pumps use environmentally friendly refrigerant gas that extracts the latent heat from the air and transfers this heat into the pool water.
Energy Efficiency
Exinda Heat Pump is a significantly more efficient solution for heating water. It utilizes naturally available heat from water,ground and even winter air and applies a vapor compression refrigerant cycle, consuming nearly one fifth of the electrical energy required for traditional water heating. At 80% reduced energy consumption, this contributes to lower energy bills and a huge reduction in pollution, leading to cleaner air.
Build for global environment
The corrosion proof titanium heat exchanger is enclosed in a purpose designed and fully injection moulded housing for maximum strength and long life. The fully moulded plastic Heat Pump case is impervious to corrosion and guarantees maximum life regardless of location, “seaside” tropical north or outback.
Easy operation by control panel
Intuitive and easy to read L.E.D. Control Panel provides digital temperature readout, diagnostics and electronic 'lock-out' of temperature set-point. Digital control accuracy saves time and money getting the pool to the perfect temperature.
Smart control by App
Control The Exinda Waves Series Heat Pump and know the current operation at any time via your phone from wherever you are. Just tap the screen of your smartphone, you can set the timer and change the water temperature. Besides, you can select AUTO mode. It’s all at your finger tips and all at your options, helping you save time and money. Having instant remote control over your swimming pool heat pump has never been easier.
Integration into smart home systems
The Modbus system enables integration into smart home systems. Control the temperature of the pool with your mobile phone or tablet wherever you are.

Selfed-developed "smart brain"

Exinda selfed develop smart logic with with SG ready, RS485, RTU modbus.., or provide customer tailor logic solution.

DC Inverter Technology

Different from fixed speed systems, inverters automatically ramps up and down by the variable speed compressor, which means it can adjust the output needed at the lowest energy consumption based on the ambient conditions as well as maintain temperature at the most comfortable level. Therefore, it achieves higher COP, more efficient heating/cooling & hot water even under extremely cold climate, and greatly saves energy costs, cut down electricity bills.

Heating and cooling – Wide operating temperature range

It covers a wide range of operating environment temperatures in heating or cooling mode to achieve the target water temperature. The operating temperature range from 4 ˚C to 32 ˚C enables the use of the pool all year round.

Environmentally acceptable and effective

It is very efficient because they use free energy from the environment,they no use fossil fuels and do not emit harmful substances into the environment, which ensures a zero CO2 rate.

Simple installation

Exinda offers detailed instructions and support to customers to ensure that their devices are installed quickly and correctly.