Eco-Friendly R32 Refrigerant
R32 V.S. R410A: 70% less impact on global warming. R32 has one of the lowest GWP values on the market-675. R32 is 10% more energy efficient, less refrigerant is required for the cooling system
Heat Pumps Play a Significant Role in Decarbonizing Heating Industry
We provide comprehensive eco-energy solutions for your smart home and low-carbon green life.
DC Inverter Technology
Designed to withstand the extremely cold condition, Exinda heat pumps have passed the extremely cold operation test, it can stably operate at -25°C, maintain high COP and reliable stability. Different from fixed speed systems, inverters automatically ramps up and down by the variable speed compressor, which means it can adjust the output needed at the lowest energy consumption based on the ambient conditions as well as maintain temperature at the most comfortable level. Therefore, it achieves higher COP, more efficient heating/cooling & hot water even under extremely cold climate, and greatly saves energy costs, cut down electricity bills.
Low Noise Mode, Super Quiet
By Exinda upgrade technology and the unique soundproof internal structure design, the sound pressure of Storm Series Air to Water Heat Pump is kept to as low as 38dB(A) at 2.1 meter distance (Min. Flow).
Smart Control System
Exinda Smart Display has a convenient touch screen that users can easily control the heat pump at home, such as temperature adjustment, mode setting and switching. Users are able to remotely set water temperature and room temperature, change settings and check running status via computers (web server) or mobile phone (APP). With DTU Module and Electric Wi-Fi Control, you can pre-heat or cool a room no matter where you are. Besides, from performance monitoring to predictive logic & analytics, our Intelligent IoT System is a cost-efficient way to diagnose failing issue, automatically adjust the operation logics and directly solve the problem at the back-end, increase the security, uptime and reliability of your heat pump. APP and remote diagnostics are very crucial in Exinda system. Hence, we have an open API for connecting to Energy Management Systems and Smart Home Applications with capable and well-documented interface (e.g.RS485, Modbus).
Hybrid Heating System
With Modbus(RS485) Interface, Exinda Integrate Heat Pump can be connected to other energy source such as fuel boiler, solar PV panel, pellet boiler to achieve energy saving, based on local energy policy and user's preference. It will be greatly helpful in extremely cold area.
Weather-dependent Curve
The weather-dependent heating curve plays an important role in the significant increment of the SCOP of the unit.As the figure showing, when the house weather condition (outside temperature) is at A2, the flow temperature is at B1, and it will increase to be at B2 when the house weather condition gets cold and drops to A1.The system keeps monitoring the current ambient temperature so as to automatically immediately adjust the flow temperature in opposite direction to achieve the desired optimum comfort level. Therefore, customers can always use the most comfortable outlet water temperature under changing weather condition and different circumstance (e.g. heating demand, insulation levels, etc).In this way, the weather-dependent operation greatly reduces energy consumption.
Anti-Frozen and Intelligent Defrost Mode
With the intelligent defrost mode, Exinda heat pump can automatically detect the forming frost on the outdoor coil and initiate a defrost cycle to melt it away, maintaining the high heating efficiency of the heat pump. Preventing frost/ice from building up in the outdoor unit in cold climate conditions considerably contributes to minimizing energy consumption, avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment and extend longer heating operation time.
Main Components & Dedicated Structure
Exinda Heat Pump is designed with a comprehensive and rigorous logic system, which controlled by the intelligent console software PCBA to increase the security, efficiency and reliability of the unit operation.