Exinda commercial heating hot water heat pump

R32 Air Cooled Heat Pumps

Utilizes R32 with reduced GWP.
Optimal efficiency.
Broad performance boundaries.
Convenient maintenance access.
Compact design.
Functional temperature range of -25°C to 43°C.

High-performance, eco-friendly air-cooled heat pumps featuring advanced external heat exchangers.

Wide water outlet temperature range

Boasting superior efficiency in heating, cooling, and domestic hot water, EXINDA's commercial inverter heat pumps are ideal for diverse applications such as hotels, hospitals, corporate functions, eateries, sporting venues, major constructions, shopping centers, and factories.

Wide ambient temperature operating range

For EXINDA heat pump equipped with low ambient temperature cooling capabilities, they operate efficiently down to -25°C in heating mode and 46°C in cooling mode.

Active noise reduction

The unit integrates multiple quiet technologies and sound-efficient components. By dynamically adjusting speed based on current demand, ambient temperature, and other variables, it ensures operational noise remains at a minimal 56dB(A).

Reliable protections

Multiple protections are adopted to ensure system stable running.

H shape high performance heat exchanger

The Exinda heat pump use a newstructure design, H shape heatexchanger, 360 air intake, increasethe heat exchanging area, efficientlyenhance the heat exchange efficiency, and decrease the covering area.

H shape condenser

H shape condenser uses inner grooved copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum foil, greatly improve the heat exchange efficiency.

Easy operation


Eco-friendly refrigerant

The series utilizes R32. With its GwP(Global Warming Potential) value of 675,this refrigerant has a 3-fold lower environmental impact compared to  the conventional R410A.

Space-saving Design

The series is engineered for minimalspatial impact.The initial three chassis(sizes 50-130) occupy 2.53 m2, while the4th (sizes 150-170) boasts an industry-leading footprint efficiency of 37kW/㎡.

Performance Metrics

High SEER and sCOP ratings. With optional variable speed drives, they canachieve up to 70% energy savings annually. These units operate efficiently from-25°C to +43°C external temperatures.

Advanced Heat Exchanger

High SEER and sCOP ratings. With optional variable speed drives, they canachieve up to 70% energy savings annually. These units operate efficiently from-25°C to +43°C external temperatures.